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Massive Blast!!!

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August 21, 2008
Von: Anonymer Benutzer

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    • mate September 8, 2011

      haha i was listing to the start of the song on my computer and i was like wtf where have i heard this song before

    • epic song September 8, 2011

      hahaha this song is created to this video. ''you woking up the demon'' ''there is no turning back now'' xd and '' oaaaaaaaa'' when he cum xd

    • haxorus September 11, 2011

      crazy like this , sex is not fun anymore

    • haha September 5, 2011


    • bitch September 4, 2011

      I want some body fuck me

    • Fake Checker August 31, 2011

      Just fakes!

    • mark September 2, 2011

      now that's a super soaker! damn!

    • Jokes.. October 12, 2011

      These guys go though a fuck load of icing sugar a week (thats right, thats really thin icing) saw a vid on a non porn site ages ago uncovering these guys, but hey, they fucked eva angelina..

    • motherfucker125 October 13, 2011

      at 1.25,ava devine is affraid of his cum cuz she knows what is going to come xD

    • andndkid February 15, 2012

      just look up og mudbone thats who the guy is in the video theres videos that disprove everything being said bc he doesnt hold onto it and just fucks

    • duuuudemaaaan March 11, 2012

      100th comment bitch

    • bollocks December 12, 2011

      funny how you don't see this so called big cock attached to a real body mmhh

    • LYNN November 25, 2011


    • Moon October 13, 2011

      You can always spot the fake ones like this. They don't ever show the cock attached to the body, and especially at the beginning you can see how dildo-ish the cock is. Certainly not skin. Just a built in pump

    • mad cunt October 28, 2011

      the strawberry part was funny AS HAHAHAAH

    • His cumshots August 24, 2011

      They're down with the sickness.

    • DAMMM FUCKER!!!!! August 23, 2011

      I wanna pump up all over da girls, with holly cum-fountain, i wish to bang with 50+ girls at a same time!!!!!!!!!

    • WOOOO April 7, 2011

      Love the girl who just let him cum and cum and doesn't do anything just lets it go in there.

    • siegi April 14, 2011

      first song is ; disturbed - down with the sickness ;D

    • fake or not? May 2, 2011

      look at "freaksofcock - Huge Cock & Cumshot" at 0:08 you can see soething that does suggest a rubber ring at the base of his dick, but that might also be to keep his cum back as long as possible, i mean he gotta produce that sperm too right? and prolly not in one orgasm

    • T-01 King March 21, 2011

      how can tell me who is the third hot girl ?

    • Fake March 3, 2011

      This vid is clearly fake, your cock cant be that big and you balls can't store that much cum

    • bigcummer February 25, 2011

      glad to see im not the only one that cums like this i was getting worried i was abnormal

    • xD February 28, 2011

      there was 69 comments before me :P

    • :D May 16, 2011

      Whoever has edited the music in this video :D he has to get an oscar :D Can't stop myself laughing :D

    • haha May 18, 2011

      so fake omfg

    • ,,, August 9, 2011

      ankio vorrei esser lavata cosi!!!

    • Crazy niplez August 15, 2011

      Whos the last girl

    • wtf July 18, 2011

      At 2:10 the song is called my life by the Grits p.s. its considered a gospel song so wtf its on a porn

    • ZZOOPP June 24, 2011

      the girl at :59 is ava devine

    • Zig June 1, 2011

      Pure Fake!

    • bitch June 18, 2011

      I will drink that sperm I want some of that big dicks in my ass and in my pussi

    • Mort March 30, 2012

      Sheesh, he's like a one-man bukkake cannon!

    • destiny wylde May 23, 2012

      i would love that

    • debbielynn.b. March 20, 2013

      omg thats alot of yummmmmy cum i ant it all to swallow

    • LPF May 15, 2013

      Wish i had a cock like these...

    • so wet1 August 27, 2013

      yummy! Ive never had a cock that big but I want to touch it. I want that hot cum all over me! i finger my little pink pussy to this clip daily!

    • paste March 2, 2013

      fucked up paste

    • Lol February 1, 2013


    • Bangkok December 16, 2012


    • lololol January 24, 2013

      if you look closely, you can see that its milk ==

    • blacksatan September 14, 2013

      great soundtrack!

    • wtf February 4, 2014

      best video ever made

    • :) July 27, 2015

      cool song

    • Wait a second, I know that song! August 3, 2015

      Well, looks like I can cross "fapping to Disturbed" from my to do list. But seriously, I really didn't expect to find an awesome song like this on a porn site xD And it fits so well too ;D

    • bibou January 7, 2015

      What's the last girl's name please

    • Baltiloco July 26, 2014

      2:13 Her name is Cheryl Lynn Khan

    • mastreo April 13, 2014

      Gotta love it.. these guys are "mega blasters'' , fun for the women. BTW,, milk does not cling/drip like cum, also it's the prostrate gland that makes the load, the testicals only add the sperm. If you want to enjoy sex... get educated. Would like to see some pussy & anal creampies from these "blasters"... what you think??

    • nas June 23, 2014

      What a waste of time

    • ileana December 2, 2012

      fuck my fat pussy wet pussy

    • Mason Moore November 8, 2012

      Lexi Steele, what a beast!

    • kkk July 25, 2012

      whos the girl at 2:13?

    • badoy July 26, 2012

      my cock is bigger than yours

    • bevisperma September 14, 2012

      voglio sperma da bere

    • bgdfs July 23, 2012


    • disturbed July 18, 2012

      105 comment ohhhhh waaaaaaaa disturbed down with thesickness

    • little girl June 28, 2012

      damn u should have sprayed that in there pussy n u will see how fast their pussy drowns

    • Jonh July 17, 2012

      how much long

    • xxx September 16, 2012

      hey what is the song at 2:12

    • Every day im hustlin September 23, 2012

      Whats his secret?

    • xx October 25, 2012


    • Shakass November 1, 2012

      come si chiama la prima canzone , / what name is for the 1st song?? ! ty

    • 6x3 October 16, 2012

      down with the sickness by disturbed not godsmack...

    • MrATN800 October 6, 2012

      First song is "sickness", from godsmack. I think i'm done with that song.

    • tromba erica September 26, 2012

      voglio fare sesso con erica

    • kent October 2, 2012

      These gals better wear safety glasses!

    • OMG February 15, 2011

      whos that girl at 1:59?????

    • dave February 3, 2011

      i want that cock in my ass

    • 3======================== August 16, 2010


    • song August 17, 2010

      the song is by "Disturbed - Down with the Sickness"

    • Seb August 19, 2010

      yeah it's fake, that dick is two feet long!!!

    • i have a August 11, 2010

      hi what´s the name of the 3nd music plz?

    • XxX Girl Ol August 4, 2010

      the dick is too big HOLY SHIT

    • AC1 DRRETY abuv August 3, 2010

      Its only water, and flower... ithink,

    • Cum King August 4, 2010

      who cares wot the song is!Strawberry was a nice touch,the boy knows how to glaze

    • xTap August 20, 2010

      its not fake u Faggots i loved the part with Ouhh WA AKKA AKKA WKAKA 8========D~~ ~~ ~~Q:

    • LOL August 23, 2010

      Lol this black guy is extremly gifted!!!

    • seriously September 19, 2010

      its fake, its a porn industry trick, notice he always holds the base, thats so his 'cock' doesnt fall off. plus the dick is usually a different colour, which is such an obvious flaw, but still, good shit ;)

    • Fakesofcocks.comha ha September 20, 2010

      Hi guys ,so lets get real here! That cocks look like strap on or devices,you can't see any REAL VEINS,also take a close look in the skin,look likes plastic,and now the camera never show up the BALLS or his pubic hair,also the cum is like milk, is too white and too thick,so get real, it is all fake and those girls are laughing head off with so much milk ha ha ha

    • Feastinheik September 16, 2010

      Totally fake to me. Dicks look like devices full of fake cum.

    • cocklover September 10, 2010

      who's the girl 1.22

    • Funny September 4, 2010


    • massive cumer September 6, 2010

      omg nice video nice songs ! can u plz tell me the name of the last song?

    • ITS SYSTEM OF A DOWN August 1, 2010

      and actually, half of there loads are probs piss due to how watery they are.

    • Anonymous July 25, 2010

      Fucking hell this makes me laugh so much..

    • sdASD June 9, 2010


    • max June 10, 2010

      what is the name of the last song ?

    • ... June 12, 2010

      Oh shit down with the sickness - Disturbed !! yaah

    • manu June 9, 2010

      the song is down whit the sikness from Disturbed

    • dex June 7, 2010

      down with the sickness lol

    • Diedey June 4, 2010

      What is the name of the first song?

    • runteldat June 6, 2010

      i think the songs called down with the sickness from system of a dawn(or down) not sure

    • jason June 21, 2010

      dat black guy at da begining as as fckin huge willy! i wanna play with it (:

    • huh? June 24, 2010

      wow.. im amazed, shocked a bit grossed out and most of all feel like a shower D:

    • ben July 14, 2010

      its fake! his balls must be like basketballs think it through

    • SuZ July 15, 2010

      0:53 whos that girl?

    • TixeN July 10, 2010

      Hi what's the name of the 2nd music plz ?

    • Fuck Me July 8, 2010

      What is the Name of the girl in the 2nd clip?

    • Shogun June 24, 2010


    • Klioo July 7, 2010

      wtf??? Im shocked! :D

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