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Amateur Hottie Freaky Fuck

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January 16, 2010
Von: HGVideo

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    • Venus July 11, 2010

      As a woman and It was a pleasure seeing the female actually enjoy herself as opposed to being just used like a urinal. Girlfriend's got skills she's taught me a few things today

    • studmuffin February 23, 2012

      one of the few porn videos where the woman looks like she would want to fuck this guy even if she wasn't being paid to do it.

    • Bella bambina December 31, 2011

      What is he wearing? Her old panties?! That aside, wicked fuck!!

    • always youporn June 17, 2010

      she is hot. marry me please. i will get you all what you want. have sex with me like this every day.

    • Deeds December 30, 2011

      One of the best lay ever. Great stuff.

    • Tina December 28, 2011

      I cant get enough of watching this video. And I agree with Suzzie, oral sex is amazing. I think licking my pussy is the most sensual thing a person can do to me and when a guy loves to lick me as much as I love to suck him, its an incredible orgasm. I love when a guy likes to lick me because he knows how much I like it, not just because he thinks he has to. And yes, I can tell the difference. When I cum on a guys tongue, my whole body explodes and I cant even catch my breath, its amazing.

    • Kitty December 23, 2011

      very sensual, but not wild/rough enough.... @ i like boobs: you def. got the wrong wife... trust me, women like all of it and enjoy cum on the butt, belly, boobs, face!!! but creampie is just the best!!!!

    • kontol December 21, 2011

      pussy crott

    • Jethro Dull December 27, 2011

      "Max" is "Alex" in this movie: "Wife Reformer"

    • pet January 17, 2012

      bellissimo lo sperma nei capelli!! ti leccherei le tette

    • ovrcrb December 28, 2011

      saw these two the first day it was uploaded. best am scene ever. knew they would be famous. so fuckn hot.

    • Daniel January 3, 2012

      lo mejor es la cara de disfrute de la mujer No importa si es sexo pago o no lo que verdaderamente importa es la alegria de disfrutar sin pensar en nada mas Siempre les digo a la mujer con la que me voy a acostar por primera vez que lo unico importante es pasarla bien y ello se ve en las expresiones no en los gritos que den

    • PeeWee January 3, 2012

      Very nice pussy

    • kink January 10, 2012

      Hey does someone want to get a fat cock?- well if u stay in la just let me know.. Im straight, so girls just let me know.. Ok..

    • Joe Ocasio January 4, 2012

      Thats the best sex I ever had I joy it very much. I love sex

    • mride December 28, 2011

      Best video on this site.

    • Suzzie December 26, 2011

      Damn! I love sucking cock like this...when a woman like me enjoys sucking it long and slow, the guy enjoys it sooo much more. I have friends that hate sucking cock, not me! This girl has a beautiful body and tits! Pretty pussy too! After that great blowjob, she did deserve a lot more oral attention. When I give a great blowjob like this, I like to know my pussy is gonna get the same attention! Mmmm...Love oral...Good stuff!

    • Limpkin December 13, 2011

      This is real sex, the hottest video here, wow, I'm so turned on I'm sliding off the bed now! Woooooooo!

    • teddy 19 December 13, 2011

      now this is a WOMAN!

    • MissMercurial December 11, 2011

      Man, do I love it when I can hear both partners equally. And when the dialogue is sexy but not porn-like. IDK how to explain the difference - maybe that this feels unscripted and that they're actually replying to each other instead of "statement"/"(expletive) yes." ANYWAY. I don't dig guys with long hair but I'd make an exception for this one. Not sure where "freaky" comes into play, but I'd be ecstatic if he pulled her hair. Mmm.

    • Tina December 10, 2011

      Had to watch this one yet again. I love this video. It gets me going every time. @ hard - yes, I saw your comment, why did you ask me to let you know if I saw it.

    • arrg December 9, 2011

      it was boring

    • max December 15, 2011

      thanks again 11 million views!

    • boobs December 17, 2011

      will any of u boyz want to hook up w/ a hot sexy teenager??(ME) i luv all of u just got out of the shower my hair is dripping wet

    • Breezus January 18, 2012

      Tough to beat that. Quite a pair, indeed. Congrats on over 11 million views, Max. Would like to see the others.

    • i like boobs December 19, 2011

      This is awsome, but i guess not in real life, my wife is far from that, she only knows missionary poss, all other possitions doesnt excite her. sucking once each 6 months with a condom, and her tits are off limit, so no tittyfucks. Not even mentioning she hates it when i cum on her butt, belly, boobs or face/mouth (god thanks i can come in her), ok i admite, im not perfect either but common, how unsexual can you be? I cant believe such women like this vid or like they pretend in their comments do exist but its nice to watch, fantasies and dream of it.........:'(

    • She tastes good December 18, 2011

      I was that boyfriend she fucked lol

    • Pinnochio December 18, 2011

      I love how he looked in the mirror and fixed his hair. lol

    • damn December 27, 2011

      damn i got a boner. this is fkn sey af, fuck me up suck my dick girl mmmmmmm imma suck yo pussy

    • Yo momma January 20, 2012


    • Ty April 18, 2012

      I want that woman, now!

    • grey April 21, 2012

      what the hells so freaky about that wow she is awesome

    • gostosinha April 11, 2012

      quero uma trepada assim

    • gostoa April 10, 2012

      i need a fuck

    • Mikepsp9" April 2, 2012

      Doe sanyone know if they make video and sell them?

    • Me May 15, 2012

      And she is "freaky" because???????

    • girl May 19, 2012


    • Little Ethiopia June 9, 2012

      ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    • KARALIS June 7, 2012

      Che bella figa .................. sensuale e gran porca come piace a me . voto 10

    • Mikeylikesit May 23, 2012

      Fast transaction. Would jack to again. A+++ seller!

    • Whitediver May 21, 2012

      She is such a hotttttttttttt fuckkkkkkkkkkk ! 1 ! 1 1 ! !! ! !!!!!

    • buangine April 2, 2012

      shes awsome

    • moneyshotstar March 23, 2012

      I love that he shot his load in her hair and she just went with it rubbing it in her hair. Very hot!!

    • Bubblejab February 3, 2012

      This is very hot. She really looks like she's enjoying it and that is HOT.

    • Excellent! February 9, 2012

      What a real hottie and performer. She moves like a snake. Truly one of the best I've seen here.

    • sportinwood January 31, 2012

      Damn...she's GOOOOOOOD

    • anonymous January 28, 2012

      gr8 ilike it.

    • Lol December 5, 2011


    • abir February 10, 2012

      i am live to see that porn

    • hemin February 10, 2012

      i am like to see that porn

    • dirtydug March 1, 2012

      now thats my girl

    • carlos February 20, 2012

      una hembra que sabe gozar sus expresiones asi lo indican muy buen video aunque sea pago.

    • steve February 16, 2012

      wow nice fucking shit ... tigas titi q

    • Mike February 11, 2012

      She is awsome...perfect in all sense

    • spin January 18, 2012

      bit of a mismatch. lotta girl for THAT guy

    • vilin November 28, 2011

      Wish dey cud last longer !

    • WildWilly September 25, 2011

      Loved the vdeo, but "amateur" . . . really? If my dick was that big, I'd make a great living in porn.

    • Sex September 26, 2011

      Who is this guy?

    • So good September 25, 2011

      So amazing video the man was so handsome

    • Reanne September 22, 2011

      She sucks him for most of the video and he eats her for a total of one minute What a dumb asshole

    • dd September 21, 2011

      love this guy so good looking

    • Syra September 28, 2011

      I hope she got a gnarly infection from his cock going from her ass to her pussy

    • dickson October 2, 2011

      I wish it was an ebony chick

    • blahhh October 17, 2011

      worst sex ever. he has a big ass dick... girl u better learn how to ride that shit!!!!

    • Jr October 19, 2011

      Wow, thats one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen! Please post more.

    • naja October 16, 2011

      geeeht so... haha

    • FunFrog October 13, 2011

      That asshole breathes almost like Darth Vader

    • Dick in ur mouth October 3, 2011

      Her tits are super far apart but id still bone

    • Krypto September 21, 2011

      What the hell this should be removed

    • TT September 20, 2011

      My dick is so fucking hard watch that girl! She can get down with me any time!

    • Idk boy September 8, 2011

      Nice upskirt sex and got the ball to have sex in public wow that some brave to do

    • sexy September 10, 2011

      Very Beautiful woman Likes Sex knows how to move her lower body while having Sex In the missionary position and likes riding when she is on top of him sguatting on him too and a very good fellator is she on his penis. A good video. More of her Please

    • katja September 5, 2011

      das video ist MEGA GEIL!!!!! So einen Kerl will ich auch mal haben.

    • max September 1, 2011

      so glad everyone is enjoying it...

    • lalala August 30, 2011

      i just squirted soo much! felt so nice!

    • Alejandro September 11, 2011

      Dude I remember when my girlfriend was this tight!

    • MissGorgeous September 13, 2011

      I am so glad to see the comments from these men about her. I f*** just like her, and give head like that too. I love to take it slow, you really feel more and get built up to an amazing orgasm. They are great lovers. Good to see not all porn is just about pounding on a woman. I'll be sure to keep up the good work :)

    • Ollie September 20, 2011

      It is very dissapointing to see my son and his girl friend on YouPorn. I didn't know they were going to make a porn movie. They are engaged but have not set the wedding date yet. I must admit I always wondered what her pussy would look like. I have seen her tits several times by accident in our house.

    • Hornyhoe September 20, 2011

      Fckn wet! Mmmm some one please put their big juicy cock in my wet pussy mmmm!

    • JDawg September 18, 2011

      He has a tramp stamp

    • Stu September 15, 2011

      What a hot chick she seemed so nice I wonder if she has more

    • M. October 19, 2011


    • Babe1991 October 19, 2011

      Hes fcuking hooott! I should be there instead of that ugly girl, i would do a beta job and hes sexy

    • oooh hooo hooo November 11, 2011

      I love the way she moves

    • lady November 13, 2011

      @prince are you for real?! Didn't connect? I'm not so naive to think they're a real couple but they have great chemistry and connected very well. And he didn't use her as some vessel for his sperm which as a woman I appreciate. No it's not perfect but real life sex generally isn't! There's always going to be moments of clumsiness and awkwardness - that's life! I resent porn giving us an idealised fantasy where everyone has perfect bodies and perfect-if-not-slightly-violent-and-derogatory-sex. This clip is awesome, I love it and wish all porn was "real" like this (would be even more perfect if he came inside her)

    • ThtLonelyGuy November 9, 2011

      Lol this video made me want to punch someone bc of the editing

    • Mr Mo' November 6, 2011

      Hey post another video!

    • Danny burns k7 November 2, 2011

      I love u

    • hard November 16, 2011

      love the video.. tina let me know if you see this

    • jean November 21, 2011

      what is your name?

    • Nikki's Load November 28, 2011

      I'd love to make a mess all over her!!!

    • green eyed monster June 23, 2012

      she has the best natual body i have ever seen and know was she likes 5 star

    • Jimbo November 27, 2011

      That was so hot.

    • Postal Pete November 26, 2011

      I love fucking beautiful women. I mean, I think I would. I never actually have.

    • tblk November 23, 2011

      Hey hny milf come by me

    • ?? November 1, 2011

      wow nice orgas

    • sex November 1, 2011

      love the gril

    • ani October 24, 2011

      awsome fuckig my bf alsooo fuck me in the same way............i luv it........

    • Randy October 25, 2011

      I love it how she moans when he unloads on her. Tina, you are awesome, and I don't even know you.

    • Wasabi October 23, 2011

      You can tell he's trying not to cum there at the end, but he can't hold back. Can't say as I blame him.

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