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October 7, 2011
Von: Backroom Casting Couch
Video Description: Gina's a former fitness model and bodybuilder who jumps from sugar daddy to sugar daddy (whoever is paying the most at the time). She came to me after she was given only $100 for the week by her current long term "John". Hit her up if you like 40yo bodybuilder MILFS and the video! HIGHLIGHTS: f*****, DP with bottle of lube, , Ass to mouth, swallowing, surreal anal creampie.

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    • shadie2 July 18, 2013

      Rick You need to sign this women , That the BEST casting I have ever seen,So please make more videos with her, if not give her my name Ill marry her !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hot chick November 9, 2012

      I LOVED this one!! and I am a chick!! She is the best you have had on here! It's her cool persona + looks + skills + her horniness and open mindedness - she is the full pkg! and awesome! .... a lot like me... ;)

    • wtf May 1, 2012

      she interviewed him lol

    • GinaLover July 1, 2013 More of Gina...

    • sticky fucker October 15, 2012

      who is she??

    • Dude October 15, 2012

      Her nippels arend at the same height..

    • zenserene October 14, 2012

      Wish I knew this sweety-on 2d thought, if one ever pissed her off, she'd probably rip their head off and shit down their neck. No vanilla here-just raw sexuality that says, "Fuck conventions, I'm horny!" Great potential star-just warn the guys before they start getting pushy and find their heads up their asses!

    • ThaGuy October 13, 2012

      Damn that bitch is sexy as hell

    • jbkiss September 28, 2012

      Cheers, I must add that this gal is over 40, experienced and highly sexual, even nynpnomaniac. What a blessing. I would have her in a blink of an eyelash over the young and inexperienced below the age of 30!!

    • OMG October 24, 2012

      Haha really really nice milf, thats a real woman ;D.. Shes his assist in another movie i think so then she got a job, well-earned (Y)

    • jbkiss September 28, 2012

      Hey, the stud is a dud...could not satisfy her and she needed more, not just wanted more. He did not finish the job. This gal is the ultimate lover and so beautifully submissive, note how she immediately licked the remained of the lust session off the carpet. Makes me wonder what else she would do. Obviosly she has no boundries. What a dream. Too bad we do not have page #2 on this to see what would satisfy her lust. Obviously she would have the right combination to have an orgasm, but "he did not fill the contract."

    • uk-maverick October 29, 2012

      rick, thats the best girl you have ever gotten. every lad who watches your videos, cant help but respect you haha

    • Jarod December 5, 2012

      Need to have a fitness category - smokin hot!

    • Needs more fitness women less fattys December 22, 2012

      Uber sexy woman, Just goes to show its not all about the ins and outs or the ups and downs. Its the smiles and sounds that makes a woman sexy. I'd marry her in a heart beat.

    • Glaswegian Legend November 20, 2012

      She was a complete crackpot but funny as fuck. You sure she didn't downa bad of speed before entering the building!?!?!? Dirty cow

    • saweeeeeeeet...... September 27, 2012

      amazing... a while since i've watched something i didn't fast-forward... ---would wanna miss anythjng this chick might do. really love her attitude, right up and nasty!

    • hanallister February 3, 2013

      Jesus. I didn't think she was all that attractive at first, but she was so freaky and hot in the sack that I quickly changed my mind.

    • JOE February 8, 2013


    • youre mum September 4, 2012

      she's on amphetimines for sure

    • Oscar May 19, 2012

      Her name is Geena or something like that. Pay atention at 0:21.

    • cachondo May 24, 2012

      i love her easy going aptitude and her tits ofthi experience mature woman..

    • 'milf lover' November 30, -0001

      'In the ambushed video, rich introduces her as Gina, Geena to the other gal.'

    • Nick May 15, 2012

      loved every minute of it...fuck this chick is right up my alley..keep up the good work your vids.every bitch has her price !!

    • she have 50 years old April 13, 2012

      he must fuck here again

    • j April 1, 2012

      I think she's a tweaker.

    • Pirate-captain9 April 6, 2012


    • tommy June 8, 2012

      fuck I would love her at my place.:-PPPP

    • Jack Bochs June 14, 2012

      I so love this woman! What a great, fun attitude! Plus she's funny!

    • Lance377 August 30, 2012

      Who's Idea is it to say that It was the weirdest audition ever this video. Even this smoking tight sexy babe is mature, she's got lot's of thing's that I love from a girl. Especially the freakyness shit she love's doing:) Yummy and Finger Licking awesome sexy juicy ass body:)

    • Ash September 1, 2012

      Fantastic! :D

    • claudedb March 12, 2013

      I love this woman's attitude!

    • Red Ghost August 22, 2012

      where are women like this. she's beautiful, playful, great personality, her excitement.

    • fubar August 17, 2012

      lol lol

    • meow July 12, 2012

      i only watch porn for the entertainment

    • boboe July 18, 2012

      great age exciting

    • Wow September 9, 2012

      i have been watching these for a long time now and i must say...that was the best one ever! this chick is straight up nasty! god i hope to see more of her! be...omg i want more of her! she reminds me of a chick i used to see.

    • chromium May 3, 2013

      Wow. Just WOW. That is awesome. She is the best fuck I have ever seen this guy film. There have been younger, there have been more beauty queens, but she outright suprises this guy. Awesome.

    • Hallpassguy March 29, 2014

      WOW, WOW, WOW!!! This is the hottest gal I've seen yet. I usually prefer the sweet, innocent, young things who need to be seduced, persuaded, etc.; but this is a WOMAN who knows what she wants, how to please, and would be good all night long -- and longer. A new favorite for sure!!!

    • nox_elohim April 21, 2014

      According to the ambushed and assfucked video comments, her name is Toni bolla, she was a professional body builder which is why she is so ripped.

    • Tranny May 24, 2014

      Probably was a tranny

    • Cowboy March 2, 2014

      She would be fun for a night or a FWB situation, wouldn't want her hanging around too much though but then again, I don't want any broad hanging around to much.

    • duckeyhuckey February 19, 2014

    • daled January 15, 2014

      Love how she spread her legs so open and ass to mouth always turns me on. did get some cum in the mouth also HOT

    • barrabas January 17, 2014

      A mechanical act. Like a proctoscopy or clearing of obstructed sewage. Not a hint of animal joy o passion. The guy has no clue. He has the affect of a crocodile or a plumber. And she is a nut. The film is interesting as an example of weird behavior of HOMO SAPIENS CIVICUS.

    • jau July 7, 2014

      That bitch is mental im tellin ya! Got the best laugh though

    • Seki September 15, 2014

      You all realize she's bat crazy tweaker; her teeth are long gone by now

    • Eddie April 12, 2015

      A girl scout came to the door selling cookies. Her mother delivered them. I asked her in so I cold right a check. Her mom was hot. She was wearing no girl scout uniform but a dress and I could see no bra,,I brushed up agaist her breasts. She giggled which surprised me. I said opps I was sorry. She said don't be it felt kinda good. I said Lets see them. She took down her top and I began to suck on them. We fucked all afternoon and I bought several more boxes and told her I wanted HER to deliver them. She smiled and said of course, Terrible but every time I see a girl scout selling cookies I get a hard on.. I bought cookies from her for several years until her daughter became 18 and she delivered them and same thing happened that afternoon. Her mom came over and was pissed. I told her her daughter was all over me Evidently you must have said something.. She admitted she did say something.. I invited her daughter and her mom to lunch to make amends,., I fucked them both.. Little did I know her mom was messing around with her daughter.. Like her mother her daughter loved to suck cock..

    • beavereater21 May 16, 2015

      She ambushes girls on two other of these castings.

    • riko57 May 29, 2015

      wish gina would make more vids, saw a few of them but this is one that I love the most.

    • newbi January 16, 2015

      there are more vids of her here.....just search MILF Gina

    • Abkiss January 15, 2015

      That chick went though the 80s fucked up

    • iknowflo74 October 11, 2014

      This chick is insanely horny, I like her.

    • alex69omg December 31, 2014


    • daled January 14, 2014

      She sure could make your cock drip, and then cum in her mouth, now that's hot

    • Assman January 9, 2014

      not for marriage but what I wouldn't give to have that on the side,,,wild one!

    • Rocko July 5, 2013


    • Bushwaka July 8, 2013

      The Holy Grail of Milfs !

    • quicksilver July 15, 2013

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! OMG that was awesome Awe man. I wish i was that guy. He was totally unprepared for that level of enthusiasm/commitment. That woman was ready to go all the way and more and he did not realize it. Holyshit. He could have made her do so many other things. Ohwell. Too bad he didn't. hehe

    • poo tang June 27, 2013

      holy fuck thats great

    • shadie2 June 22, 2013

      I want her !!!

    • Jo annie March 30, 2012

      What a dirtee ol whore,not only did she take his big dick up the ass when she said she hadn't done anal in a while,but she wanted him to continue in her ass and licked his sticky load up from the floor..

    • Post As... June 1, 2013

      donde consigo mas video de esta mujer?

    • shadie2 July 19, 2013

      So has anyone came up with her last name or more videos of her ? Someone should know because she a STAR of porn .

    • shadie2 August 8, 2013

      I think I should Marry Her ! What's her name ?

    • dred lock November 23, 2013

      dam, she drain your cock dry.

    • Boy toy January 6, 2014

      Wow more please

    • guy September 22, 2013

      he is the best!my rolemodel

    • BMaC September 16, 2013

      I am in love!

    • xxx August 26, 2013

      she is AMAZING!!!! does ANYONE know her name?

    • xxx September 10, 2013

      It's disappointing when they don't cast the good pornstars

    • D April 16, 2013


    • Burger Kyng March 15, 2012

      This guy does it like you'd do it. 5 Star Rating!

    • MAN 70 October 7, 2011


    • Wow October 7, 2011

      I'd do her in a heartbeat and as many times as possible.

    • dazed and confused October 7, 2011

      i don't know what to think honestly. parts were hot and other parts... if a woman begs to be fisted and lick cum off a carpet... i think i'll pass... i like to party but idk..

    • damn October 7, 2011

      i luv this chick so kinky more of her please

    • Cornelius October 7, 2011

      My word! You can hear the fear in the interviewers voice. Shit got out of hand!

    • og she`s begging October 7, 2011

      to lick that cum on the ground... Thought she wanted 2 cotinue assfucking Great MILF

    • fuck October 7, 2011

      man i would fuck the shit out of her!

    • Forever Alone October 7, 2011


    • ass fucker October 7, 2011

      ok..i would pay alot to have her for a week with me... holy shit she is the best nympho milf ever!

    • <3 Rick October 8, 2011

      keep it up rick .... You are the best.

    • anon October 8, 2011

      i only wish i knew a girl that dirty

    • WTF October 8, 2011

      I think I'm in love--or lust. She may be older than average, but she is also a hell of a lot better.

    • gezz October 7, 2011

      thats a freaky old bitch

    • nice October 7, 2011

      Weirdest. Penis. Ever.

    • Kuk i rompa October 7, 2011

      Det var jevlig digg as, cuma over alt, 2 meter med sprut

    • Wilson October 7, 2011

      Nice boxers douche bag.

    • Ozzy October 7, 2011

      She sounds Australian

    • migus October 7, 2011

      i'm in love! she is awsome!

    • money October 7, 2011


    • Spyder October 7, 2011

      Holy SHIT.... No doubt SHE was in charge of THIS interview... DAYUM!!!

    • biggdaddy2009 October 7, 2011

      she is hot.

    • Phil October 7, 2011

      This girl is insane but who wouldnt have a go?

    • WHAT.THE.FUCK October 7, 2011

      That shit was hardcore and not that hot. that bitch is weird!

    • euh October 7, 2011

      that was just creepy

    • haha October 7, 2011

      she's the other lady in ambushed and assfucked.. right?

    • Mr. X October 7, 2011

      O_O WTF, this was weird XD

    • fleshgod October 7, 2011

      that bitch is nuts,the perfect fuck

    • yes October 7, 2011

      she is definitely the other one from ambushed and assfucked, which was awesome.

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