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Girlfriend Creams On Boyfriends Dick!

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December 14, 2010
Von: Teen Sex Couple

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    • Isabella December 28, 2012

      What a pity... He pulled it out right when she was enjoing it the more...

    • . January 24, 2013

      If you think that the skin every girl's pussy or asshole (or even the dude's dick) is going to have pigment that matches the rest of their body, you watch too much porn and don't get laid enough (or haven't at all). Girls in porn do shit like labiaplasty and bleach their anuses to look the way they do. Of course, some are probably naturally like that, but many preen themselves to look that way.

    • latingirl September 14, 2011

      Oh yeah.. When we cream on dick, is because we are VEEERY horney.. ujummm

    • Atanos September 12, 2011

      Awww, MAN!!! Couldn't you have lasted a LITTLE bit longer??!! Way to ruin a girl's orgasm...

    • Jim October 14, 2011

      That was great seeing a lady cumming that much on a guys dick and should keep in her when you was cumming

    • robertolino September 29, 2011

      my wife and i are both in our fifties she definitely makes that much goo every time always has it can get ever so tiresome finding new ways on laundry day to clear the stains off of various surfaces and materials because at my age i cant get down there as fast as i used to, so i can lap it all up the way i used to do.Her subsequent orgasms get wetter and wetter . it can be a real bind i can tell you xxxxxx

    • thejov September 16, 2011


    • deaffratguy October 17, 2011

      that is so hot when a girls pussy creams like that. My current girlfriend does it every time. When she's riding my cock like I love to take a finger and rub her pussy lips around my cock, and when my finger gets really wet with her cum, i'll slip it in her ass. 9 out of 10 girls love it

    • I'm your fix September 20, 2011

      I fucking love when a woman creams just makes me want to do it harder!

    • supperjuice October 27, 2011

      @"Chelsea" Have you actually had someone cumming continuously during sex? Fuck he must have had some serious prostate problems. This is to quality pussy juice and if haven't seen it before you have not been properly fucked! Get an orgasm!

    • trey January 4, 2012

      soon as she moaned he was done

    • t January 11, 2012

      beautiful sex.

    • lurkergirl January 12, 2012

      i love the sex, the guy turns me on

    • big sexy.... December 28, 2011

      She was rushing

    • Jo annie December 11, 2011

      I'd be creaming on that nice dick too.There's just something about a nice thick uncircumsized curved cock that sets me off.Great cock Dave!!!!

    • Sweet November 13, 2011

      I have never been with a girl that didn't do this. I just chalked it up as being every girl does it, but from the comments here, I'm starting to doubt that.

    • Big boy hotty December 10, 2011

      I came 64 times to this

    • emotion August 27, 2011


    • swagman August 27, 2011

      i wish my wife would cum like that.

    • Anonymous June 4, 2011

      Good one dave! Jacking it yet again...

    • Miss Orgasm June 6, 2011

      Is there any evidence that she even had an orgasm ?

    • Roderick June 16, 2011

      OMFG! I haven't watched this one till now! Now I'm a big fucking fan of yours!

    • bigdog June 2, 2011

      i like her 2 cream my dick up.i love a woman thats get off like that shit rite there...

    • tj May 31, 2011

      wonderfull... could they be Jessica & Dave?

    • Sigh May 22, 2011

      I've probably neer seen a more elaborate discussion on sex details than this before, go on... gonna come again anyway

    • Seriously May 23, 2011

      Its porn. why are some of you guys analyzing the texture of the cumand debating it. LOL who cares

    • PERVYBIKER June 16, 2011

      what a beautiful pert bottom, and such a juicy pussy mmmmmmmmmm can almost taste it!

    • G June 18, 2011

      One of the biggest turnons is a very wet pussy.This was really good seeing her creaming up.Most vids show heavy fucking a lot of clit titillation and Dry pussy..this looked really natural and nice to see the woman orgasming for once..

    • fishinn July 25, 2011

      Delicious looking creamy cock and cunt! I'd lick and suck them both till they say stop!

    • Yo July 29, 2011

      hop off the mans dick, literally. ;D God knows how long they last, and whether they decide to post it or not. You're not there, you have no clue. So stop making assumptions. But anyways, keep it going bro. How long you last doesn't matter. What matters is if she enjoys & so do you. :)

    • sophie August 24, 2011

      c bon quand ca coule comme ca..

    • mr.snake July 21, 2011

      Do you know how to decrypt firmwares?

    • lool July 9, 2011


    • carajo June 28, 2011


    • someguy7788 June 29, 2011

      should have cum inside.

    • crazy January 13, 2012

      my last two woman was creaming all the time and the cream during doggy was concentrated on the upperside of my cock. When a woman mastrubate is not so thick but when the cock inside uauauiua;)

    • a January 29, 2012

      i think he was already coming before he could pull out.

    • Ann June 6, 2014

      Do you think the boyfriend would fuck me?

    • billyboy4551 August 20, 2014

      some of the hottest sex I've ever seen!

    • james March 26, 2015

      Hi that was good

    • Ginger December 8, 2013

      Funny as fuck

    • Martin red October 9, 2013

      So excited wat a hot i feel so libirated

    • sean June 29, 2013

      Next time, bury your cock balls deep and fill that cunt!

    • Jim September 2, 2013

      I wish i could last that long. I love watching this and when she cums on his dick i would love have my cock in that wet pussy when it cum like that

    • Quinn April 3, 2015

      Big booty ass sex girls

    • . April 8, 2015


    • Pullout game June 2, 2015

      Pullout game to strong

    • Jim July 26, 2015

      I would love to fuck Dawn this way and hay him come and lick my cock after we fuck each other

    • hard May 21, 2015

      No wonder she's creaming and moaning with a handsome mushroom headed thick cock like that. I bet sucking that meaty dick is like heaven

    • pdf177 April 27, 2015

      that is nice. check your oil lady?

    • Jim April 23, 2015

      I love when i fucking a women without any rubbers for that reason. I love when i fucking them they cum on my 8 inch cock like she doing him. I love when her wet pussy get to cum and the her cum runs down my balls like she doing on him. I would love to put my 8 inch cock to work on her

    • pdf177 April 24, 2015

      title was achieved. love it when the girl does the fucking.

    • Jim April 1, 2013

      why did you leave it in and cum in her nice pussy there. I wish my wife pussy do that get all wet like that. I love to fill her wet pussy when i fuck her like this

    • Creamier not always better March 16, 2013

      Cream is okay but I like it way better when I'm fucking my girl (or she is riding me) and we're going so hard that she is about to quirt and my cock literally gets pushed out of her and she floods with sex juice. Honestly nothing hotter than that, I'm sorry to say.

    • SM0KIN March 23, 2012

      Nice flowery pussy.

    • dj2 March 26, 2012

      now that was some good sex...

    • b21511 May 4, 2012

      This video reminds me of a video my step sieter and I did, except I came inside her!

    • bunny February 25, 2012

      What does a guy's dick feel like right before he cums? How does he know when exactly to pull out? It looked like he knew when it was going to happen.

    • focus February 15, 2012

      lei voleva scopare di più....

    • Cookie May 22, 2011

      Its not cum or precum... I had never had sex but i masturbate... and this cream come off of my pussy... so its real

    • thewetwet February 8, 2012

      to bad he came before she did cuz i know she woulda busted a fat nut in about 10-15 mins

    • Sosa69 June 21, 2012

      Bunny its like when YOU have an orgasm. It's an intense feeling and your body just knowS when you're about to blow your load. You tense up and then you just feel cum gushing out. So good!

    • Sohard October 21, 2012

      Oh my gosh! All girls should be built like that!

    • SirCumaLot February 3, 2013

      thats a prime looking ass that Jess has! Moves real nice too

    • Fuck February 19, 2013


    • Diesel December 24, 2012

      The bottom part of his cock is off color and so is her ass, but they match so it works out, shes got a pretty meaty pussy yummy. fat cock on him too great cpl

    • Dr. Nigel December 14, 2012

      I hate to rain on your parade but that cream is the result of a pussy with a yeast infection. Haven't you had enough pussy to know that?

    • jim November 1, 2012

      That is good to see a girl going on her boyfriend but why didn't he leave inside

    • John Loudermilk December 10, 2012

      Some girls cream on my dick and others don't. I have been with some girls where we have been fucking and it looks like I came inside them but I didn't.

    • bareback January 26, 2012

      I'd cum inside her, instead of on her ass.

    • wow May 20, 2011

      ok she's horny of course, the cream is part of her juices but also because a woman's hormonal cycle changes, it creates a thicker coating of discharge/wetness so sometimes you can see it more when having sex.

    • L January 6, 2011

      With that kind of juicy pussy, I'd come so fast too, but then I'll fuck her again and again..

    • ummmm January 6, 2011

      its thrush

    • d January 7, 2011

      GOOD but it's slow

    • addict January 5, 2011

      is there no longer version of this video?...but i wouldn't have managed to go further than him, either...incredible wet stuff!

    • Ummm No! January 4, 2011

      For those saying that the guys cum.. you must not know because you've never made a pussy cream! It takes some good dick to make a pussy cum like that!

    • niggerlips December 30, 2010

      looks like hes coming and it running down to me

    • Clint December 30, 2010

      Thats guy cum, nice though

    • nice January 7, 2011

      silent fuck like it

    • Ghana January 8, 2011

      She enjoys

    • Au Cindy January 17, 2011

      I did a 3 some with my sister and her bf and when I went down to suck his balls while she was riding him,I seen her pussy cream all over his dick trickling on to his nuts.I licked it all up and it tasted great.She sure has a wet pussy when she's riding him.

    • thewall January 25, 2011

      Au Cindy wow, thanks...i needed to sober up

    • manda January 27, 2011

      damn the way she came all over his dick! that was so hot..

    • wow January 16, 2011

      "But I can last longer then that...I've fucked for like 4 hours before. " lol what a dick... like anyone even cares. Theres obviously alot more than happens that he doesn't bother recording who is gonna wait for a 4 hour video to load when they're just gonna jack off for a couple mins... we've got lives you know!

    • No offense January 15, 2011

      But I can last longer then that...I've fucked for like 4 hours before.

    • to the boyfriend... January 11, 2011

      get some stamina...ur videos never go far past 3min.. although it's some excellent 3min...haha

    • FUCKIT January 12, 2011


    • yesaa December 27, 2010

      That girl is sweet!!!

    • latinchickmoans December 27, 2010

    • thatguy December 14, 2010

      wow talk about a dude that cant last haha

    • User: Dionisis December 14, 2010


    • fucker December 14, 2010


    • Brad December 14, 2010

      Love it when my girl cums all over my cock like that!

    • chucky December 14, 2010

      jesus..nothing makes me harder than a natural wetting of a pussy like that.

    • dog December 14, 2010

      that was a close one o_o

    • Mr X December 14, 2010

      Looks fun

    • hot#26 December 14, 2010


    • Anon December 14, 2010

      Look at this ball ... LOL'D !

    • Stevesy December 15, 2010

      Milky Way . I loves me a a creaming pussy.

    • Bruce December 24, 2010

      Dude, your balls are stained. See a doctor. Plz.

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